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FAR is console mode file and archive manager for Windows developed by Eugene Roshal and Far Group.Plugin modules extend its possiblities.
Most plugins can be found at Plugin ring site

My plugins are packed with RAR archiver which also can be taken at www.rarlab.com

Since 06.2003 most my plugins moved to SourceForge

PktView v0.63

Size: 52k Last modified: 18.03.2001
This plugin is for viewing Fido .pkt files
With this plugin you can: Sources for Delphi/Virtual Pascal are also available To compile them you need Fidonet Message Access library

QuakePak v1.62

Size: 23k Last modified: 09.03.2002
This plugin allows you to view and change contents of C++ source code included

Paq fmt module

Size: 15k Last modified: 24.09.2000
This is second level fmt module for FAR manager v1.60+ for handling archives created by Quantum packer:
Quantum 0.96,0.97 - Advanced data compression.
Copyright (c) 1993,1994,1995 Cinematronics.
it was used, for example, for packing distributives of Borland C++ v4.5-v5.02 and Delphi 1
Modula-2 source code included

HelloModula plugin

Size: 33k Last modified: 26.03.2002
This is demo plugin written in Modula-2. Source code included.
It can:

AdaFAR plugin

Size: 39k Last modified: 25.03.2001
This is demo plugin written in Ada. Source code included.
It can:

Freq filelist

Size: 55k Last modified: 05.09.2002
This plugin is for FIDO users. It eases file requests from stations filelists With this plugin you can browse stations filelists in Far panel and freq files easily. You can freq files from Far panel, editor, viewer commandline and even without Far using rundll command. BSO and AMA modes supported. Also you can send files to stations. Also it will help you update your files.bbs files using descriptions from filelists.

Save active directory

Size: 3k Last modified: 24.09.2000
This plugin stores current active directory in Far.lnk file on your desktop when you exit FAR, so when you start it again the active directory will be the same.
C++ source included

Yap <-> Far

Size: 20k Last modified: 05.05.2005
It is a plugin for FAR manager for synchronizing with Yap. Yap is .dvi previewer from MiKTeX TeX distribution. This plugin supports both forward and inverse search in terms of Yap.
C++ source included

.hrc files

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